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United Kingdom

45 degree shooting board


A selection of beautifully handmade tools to aid any woodworker.

45 degree shooting board


45 degree shooting board


This 45 degree shooting board is designed for use on a standard work bench. It can either be supplied with two supports to straddle your bench or a single support to be clamped in your vice. Key features:

  • The board is manufactured from high quality 21mm Birch Ply, with 12mm MDF used for the work area. 
  • The fence support is constructed of solid oak, with the sacrificial fence made of hardwood. 
  • Two sacrificial fences are provided and these can be adjusted as they wear down. 
  • All boards are checked to ensure accuracy before being dispatched.
  • Dimensions: 13inches wide by 18inches long

Custom sizes can be made to order in approximately 3 weeks, please contact me for a quote.

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